EVERYONE NEEDS - Summer Striped Skirt (GIFTED)


Pop on your favourite sunglasses and throw your eyes in the direction of my amazing technicolour dream skirt! It has a soft elastic waist, generous pockets, and brightly coloured stripes that swish in the breeze. I love the midi length but also that the lining comes only to the knee, giving some welcome transparency (maybe I should become a rapper?).

It looks like I’m hiding from the paparazzi, I was just hiding from nosey tourists

It looks like I’m hiding from the paparazzi, I was just hiding from nosey tourists

I first wore this outfit when I illustrated at the Hush pop-up in Bristol, where I teamed it on with heels and mega earrings. But as you can see from these photos, it’s also great worn in a more casual way with flats, and it's comfortable enough and long enough to enable me to sit on the grass and sketch the scene in front of me. I expect it would work in winter too, with some opaque tights and a bright piece of knitwear, it’s certainly something I’ll get a lot of wear out of.

hush striped skirt

As is usual with my “Everyone needs” feature, I’ve also illustrated the outfit on 3 other women and shown in worn on me (size 14, aged 43, height 5’4). Often these women are from my imagination, but this time they are based on real people - Megan Crabbe, Lizzo and Gwendonline Christie.

I really think it’s time that all brands find ways to consistently offer diverse fashion imagery, but until that happens I’ll continue to create artwork that offers more than just the tall, slim, white, young, able-bodied women that we frequently see in campaigns.


Both the skirt and top are from Hush and I’m wearing a size 14. The brand only caters for 6-16 so don’t currently offer larger sizes, however I will say that their sizing is generous and lots of the styles are quite slouchy - so if you are a size 18 they are worth a try. Fingers crossed that they are able to increase their offering in the future.

hush skirt

These photos were taken the day after my 43rd birthday, and I’d been lucky enough to stay at Kimpton Fitzroy - an amazing hotel that I illustrate for near Russell Square in London. I’ve got no idea what I’d imagined middle age would look like when I was younger, but I’m pretty thrilled that it involved painting, cocktails, sunshine and skirts made from rainbows.

Me outside Fitz’s Cocktail Lounge at Kimpton Fitzroy

Me outside Fitz’s Cocktail Lounge at Kimpton Fitzroy

hush skirt

ALL PHOTOGRAPHY - Amber-Rose Smith

Skirt - Hush (gifted)

Top - Hush (gifted)

Jacket - River Island old season

Bag - Hush (bought full price)

Heels - Boden old season

Flats - ASOS old season