EVERYONE NEEDS - A trip to the V&A


Despite packing up my belongings (and memories) and moving from London to Bristol over four years ago, I still head to the big smoke every month or so. London will always hold some magic for me, I really think there is no place quite like it. I love the mix of people (infact I really really miss the mix of people), I love the energy of it and I love how you can keep discovering corners of it you've never seen before. 


I'm mainly there for work, but when I have time spare I'm often tempted to check out the amazing new places I see people post about on Instagram. But my old favourites always end up winning with their magnetic pull, and it's how I often find myself climbing the grand steps of the Victoria & Albert Museum, heading in to Liberty via the stationery section, or sitting outside the BFI watching the world go by. 


These sketchbook images are from my recent trip to the V&A, where I was lucky to see the Balenciaga exhibition. I spent hours there, looking and sketching and choosing postcards in the shop. Then I sat outside in the sunshine with a G&T and added watercolour washes to my final sketches. Despite being surrounded by thousands of people it was the most relaxing day, and I'm already planning my next trip.

The Balenciaga exhibition is on until 18th February 2018, and you can buy tickets here.