EVERYONE NEEDS - This Floral Midi Skirt


When I started this blog six weeks ago I just didn't know what the reaction would be. I knew from friends that they thought I had happened upon a pretty unique niche, but I wasn't sure if people who I don't know would engage. It turns out that seeing the same garment illustrated on to different models and then worn by me (age 41, size 14, 5'4) has struck a bit of a chord.

One tweet on an ASOS thread went viral, River Island shared one of my images on Instagram receiving great feedback, and I've lots of encouraging comments directly on my posts too. But for me the most heart-warming thing has been the direct messages.

Recently someone got in touch and said they loved that my approach was so inclusive. That they have a stoma and would I consider adding a couple to my sketches. I asked a few questions and did a little research and then found that some of my outfits would be great for those with a stoma. I started sketching some on my illustrated models before I dressed them and I had messages from people, full of hugely heart-warming words.

Pencil sketch of model with a stoma, showing how the high waistband means it won't be uncomfortable.

Pencil sketch of model with a stoma, showing how the high waistband means it won't be uncomfortable.

For those who don't know, a stoma is an opening on the abdomen which has been surgically created to divert the flow of urine or faeces. The person then has a bag attached that needs either regular disposal or emptying. In terms of fashion this means that anything pressing against the stoma can be uncomfortable, that leaking can be a worry and that there's a tendancy to just revert to oversized clothes. 


So, this waisted midi skirt from M&S is a brilliant way to achieve a great silhouette whilst remaining comfortable (for anyone, not just those with a stoma). Tuck in a cami or a vest, pop your hands in the huge pockets and it's comfort central. I only bought mine a few weeks ago in store, but it soon went on sale and off of the website as far as I can see. So I think if you LOVE this as much as I do then go and scour your local store or contact Marks and Spencer on Twitter and hopefully they will be able to help you track down your size. Otherwise this red waisted skirt from ASOS that I featured last week would do the same job.



I'm wearing a 14 in these photos and it is a great fit, I'd say very true to size. It's midi length so drowned me when I was in flats, but I would wear this for a wedding with heels instead.

I'm hoping that one day brands will shoot garments on a variety of diverse models, but until then I've decided to illustrate pieces that I love on a variety of shapes and sizes. I created the above artwork with a mix of pencil, watercolour, gouache and ink. I did a call out on social media for people who would be happy for me to base my illustrated UK size 8, 14 and 20 models on them. The size 8 is based on @kj_mini, the size 14 @itshopemonroe and the 20 @KarisBouher. 



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All photos Remco Merbis. Location The Ethicurean.

Skirt from Marks & Spencer. 

Earrings  were lent to me for the photoshoot by Claire Hynes Jewellery.