EVERYONE NEEDS - The Dancing Lady Emoji Dress


I love wearing red. I've got red shoes, bright red lipstick, red earrings, a red coat, a red skirt and a red top. One thing I need to complete the full set is a red dress. So imagine my excitement when I went in to Marks & Spencer, spied this rouge number, and fast realised I could actually become the dancing emoji lady.


I'm going to be really honest. I loved it in the shop and in the mirror when I got it home, but I don't think my photos do it justice. You can tell I was feeling self conscious at this point in the day so looking a bit hunched and nervous. But trust me this dress is just gorgeous. It's comfy and the colour is fabulous, it nips in at the waist but is full enough in the skirt to not feel too clingy.


It's available in sizes 6-22 and is a brilliant £35. I think it's the perfect holiday dress. It rolls up into your suitcase, is easy to dress up or down and is a great length too. For me (size 14, 5'4) it's midi length, so for someone shorter it would be a great maxi. You can order yours here.


I'm hoping that one day brands will shoot garments on a variety of diverse models, but until then I've decided to illustrate pieces that I love on a variety of shapes and sizes. I created the above artwork with a mix of pencil, watercolour, gouache and ink. I did a call out on social media for people who would be happy for me to base my illustrated UK size 8, 14 and 20 models on them. The size 8 is based on @WildenLondon, the 14 is based on @ShonaLouiseBlog and the 20 is loosely based on @CallieThorpe (I say loosely as I don't know Callie's height or size. All I know is she had a really rough week and I wanted to include her).

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All photos Remco Merbis. Location The Ethicurean.