EVERYONE NEEDS - Wide Leg Trousers


Over the years I've read so many articles that have tried to tell me what I should be wearing to suit my body shape. To be honest I ignore them all. If something jumps out at me and I love it then I will work out a way to wear it that suits me. However, when culottes and wide leg trousers starting appearing in stores I thought they are really only for tall thin people. That is until I finally tried a pair on. The comfort. THE COMFORT! After seasons in skinny lycra jeans it feels marvellous to wear something so loose and floaty that isn't a dress.

Trousers from Anthropologie. Photo take at Polo in the Park by  Alex Treadway

Trousers from Anthropologie. Photo take at Polo in the Park by Alex Treadway

The first pair I can really recommend are these Adania Striped Trousers from Anthropologie. Out of the those that I mention here, they are the ones I didn't send back, and are now firm favourites in my wardrobe. They are elasticated at the back and flat at the front of the waistband. This is really flattering, especially as the waistband is a solid dark colour so gives the illustion of a smaller waist. They have pockets (essential) and are a perfect height for me with heels (I'm 5'4), although when I looked online it shows they are cropped, the model must be super tall! I bought size large and it's great on me. I'd say they would fit a size 14 or 16 well. 

Photo from my Instagram Stories

Photo from my Instagram Stories

The trousers are unlined and the fabric is a rather thin, so you'll need nude underwear for sure. They are lightweight so I'm thinking I'll take them with me to Thailand later this year, though do note that when they have been rolled up they do need an iron. I just love the stripes, they are so colourful and cover up and lumps and bumps with the trick of the eye. They cost £118 which is high for trousers but I'm all about cost per wear and think I'll live in these over the summer. From my years as a designer I know it's not very easy to cut striped fabric, that someone has spent a long time getting the fit right (trousers are a pain to perfect!) and that it's difficult to get a pocket sitting flat when there is elastic involved. So three big cheers to Anthropologie for getting everything spot on.

Trousers by River Island. Top by Mango. Photo by  Remco Merbis

Trousers by River Island. Top by Mango. Photo by Remco Merbis



More tailored, with a fixed waistband are these from River Island, available in a variety of bold colours at £42. I had to go up a size in these to a size 16 as the 14 was too tight on my waist when I sat down. We all fluctuate from shop to shop (as I wrote about here) and as long as I find something that fits me I don't mind. These are lovely and work really well with a top tucked in.

Trousers by Boden. Photo by  Remco Merbis

Trousers by Boden. Photo by Remco Merbis


These from Margot Palazzo Pants from Boden are incredible, but sadly far too long for me. If you're 5'8 or taller OR don't mind paying to get them taken up then go for it. They are an investment at £180 but the amount of pleated fabric in them is incredible! I really felt like I was wearing something designer. The size 14 fitted me really well at the waist and they looked great with the Boden Grace Silk Cami  (size large) tucked in.



I'm hoping that one day brands will shoot garments on a variety of diverse models, but until then I've decided to illustrate pieces that I love on a variety of shapes and sizes. I created the above artwork with a mix of pencil, watercolour, gouache and ink. I paired each one with this super versatile top from And Other Stories. It's £49, available in 5 and selling out fast. 

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