WINSOR & NEWTON - Professional Watercolour Set

Since I started posting to Instagram Stories I've realised how interested people are in the equipment I use. I'm forever getting messages asking what scanner I prefer, what pens are best, what pencils I love. I've got drawers full of art stuff, but I do have my favourites - so I thought that this blog is probably a good place to tell you all about them.

I've just finished a commission for a small company that will go live in a few weeks. I was asked to paint seasonal leaves and berries, and for this project watercolour was the natural choice. The brief had a very specific palette of oranges. pinks and greens. I managed to mix my colours really easily from the original selection of paints. The only extra thing I used was a tube of white watercolour paint as for me that's always the first pan to run out. 

If I'm really honest I haven't a clue about the colour wheel and colour theory - I've just always had an instinctive knowledge of colour and how to get the shade I'm after. I worked in fashion for years and have spent years looking at thread colours in saying, "that blue needs more red" and "that yellow needs to go down a few levels". Maybe if I learnt it I would waste less paint, but I love the process of experimenting and mixing colour - it's like meditation for me. And so often clients approach me because of my strong use of colour, so I must be doing something right!

I bought this Winsor & Newton Artists' Choice Professional Watercolour set a few months back and it already looks like I've had it years - I've used it so much. It's from Cass Art and available at a huge discount, for 18 colours in a portable metal palette it cost £29.95 (RRP £101.45) so it's a total bargain. Not all of the colours are perfect for my colour taste, but I've added a couple of greens and an extra white that fit in the empty slots and now I'm so happy with it. It's even got a great space inbetween the pans for a few brushes so it's ideal for just grabbing and heading out of the door with. As you've probably seen on my Instagram, I'm planning an overseas adventure at the moment and this set will definitely be coming with me.




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