GREEN PEOPLE - Edelweiss Sun Lotion SPF15

I’m pale and freckly, and as a result the sun can turn my skin a fiery shade of rouge in no time. In my teenage years I’d randomly spray oily coconut mixtures at my body and promise concerned onlookers that I’d “go brown eventually”. A few terrible hangovers as the result of excessive pina colada consumption put pay to my love of a tropical scent, and over recent years I’ve flitted from once-a-day-oils to well known chemical filled creams. However I’ve recently found a brand that I love and trust, one that’s now been tried and tested by me both in the UK and in the blistering heat of the Mediterranean sun.

The Green People sun range is organic, contains no harsh chemicals and is suitable for sensitive skin. I took the factor 30 on holiday and didn’t burn once, infact I came back with a tan. It takes a little rubbing in, but the consistency is great and it’s not greasy - meaning no beach sweats. At home, when the weather is cooler, I wear the factor 15 and I prefer this because OH WOW it smells so so so good. It’s called Edelweiss and contains goodies like aloe vera and avocado…..but for me the scent that rises to the top is lavender. Relaxing in the sun has never been so easy!