CLINIQUE - All About Shadow

Until recently I hadn’t worn eyeshadow since the 80’s. Memories of blue metallic lids and azure mascara haunt me in my sleep to this very day (as does the fact that I permed the back of my hair but insisted on leaving my fringe layered and straight).

Anyway…. at the end of last year Clinique invited me to do an illustration tour, and as well as drawing portraits of guests I was also asked to customise products. To check that my pens would work on the shiny metal surfaces I was sent some samples to test and practise on.

This All About Shadow set was one of those samples. After I’d found the perfect pens and techniques for the job (a mixture of Posca pens and permanent CD markers) I opened up this palette of four and found that on the inside mirror there were directions for which shade should go where on your eye - genius! Seeing as I love colouring in, I thought I’d give it a go, and was more than pleasantly surprised. The violet and blush pink hues in ‘Going Steady' really bring out the blue in my sometimes-rather-murky eyes, and the overall look is subtle but long lasting. I thought eyeshadow would make me look older than my years, but it doesn’t. Neither does it make me look like the fourth member of Bananarama anymore.

The range is available in 8 different colour combinations and each comes with two applicators (though I prefer using a brush). Head to the nearest Clinique counter to find the best one for you.