100 ACRES APOTHECARY - Lavender & Chamomile Body Lotion

I spent the first 39 years of my life having wild adventures, filling sketchbooks and chasing pretty boys with big hearts. Frankly I didn’t give a damn that my entire body had the texture of a dry Ryvita or that I could distress an Annie Sloan-ed cabinet with my bare feet alone. But now, having turned 40, my attention has shifted slightly and I’ve introduced some new rituals to my daily routine.

I discovered the 100 Acres Apothecary range when I was whisked away for a luxurious break for my big birthday. We stayed at the beautiful boutique Hotel No 38 The Park in Cheltenham, where the bathrooms were full to the brim with their green and white bottles.

Having emerged from the shower, slathered in the Lavender & Chamomile body lotion, I announced that I was, “going to use this every day for the rest of my life!”. Slightly dramatic maybe, but the product had melted in to my skin immediately and the smell was just so incredible (plus, if I’m honest, I had necked a glass of champagne before breakfast).
However, two months on, and true to my word, I’ve been drowning my thirsty body in it daily after showering. The mixture of lemon, chamomile and lavender makes me feel alive and awake and happy and a bit damn gorgeous. I even took it on holiday to Crete and used it before putting on my sun tan lotion, and then as an after-sun too. My skin is so super soft and is certainly thanking me for the attention.

All 100 Acres Apothecary products are all made in the Cotswolds and are hand-blended using essential oils and botanicals. The body lotion is £16 and I’ve found that a bottle will last me a month or so based on a single application a day.
To un-Ryvita your skin head to the website now and order your own little slice of English countryside and let me know what you think!